Both members and web browsers are valued guests of our company.

The privacy of personal information is a basic rule of our company. The following articles are the privacy policy of personal information when you register, log in, and browse the page by Vinh Sang, all of which are accepted when you agree to use our service.  

The Privacy Policy below will fluctuate according to the function selection and the service will be offered more in the future. In case any change occurs, we will notify on the website and post on the latest new feed, which take effect immediately.  

If you do not agree to edit the Privacy policy of our company, please be aware to cancel functions and services received; in case you continue to use our services, it will be regarded as in the privacy policy and personal information of our company. Therefore, we suggest you to regularly update our censorship policies. Thank you for your support.

1. Data of members and web browsers.
Information registering. 
* When you register to become a member of ASIATIGER, our website will provide user information fully and effectively as follows: name, gender, occupation, position,company information or company introduction, telephone number, fax, email, address, and all related information. The purpose of collecting this information is to operate all the functions and services of ASIATIGER Vinh Sang so we can benefit guest with quick information provide and our staff can contact you immediately. By processing this way, we can create more opportunity for the both side or solve problems.

User’s name and password.
* In the progress of registering, please set a membership account and password. With this account, you can use full services offered by ASIATIGER.
Management of personal information.
* Please keep your data, account, and password carefully. Do not give this information to other people. In case you use the same computer or office computer, please remember to log out after leaving the website. This prevents others see your data and take advantage of it. 

2. Information and application documentation.

Information documentation:
* Through the registration, server memory will collect information from users and make comparisons, analyze users in order to handle your request. 

* Information such as company name, address, contact person, phone provided by users will be posted publicly and visible to those who visits relevant pages in ASIATIGER. We suggest that you should think carefully when to disclose personal information. Our website does not disclose any information of users unless receiving the consent of the user or any problem occurs as defined in Article 3. Otherwise we will not reveal any personal information of users. However, it is our right to sell, exchange or lease any data to another party. By becoming a member of ASIATIGER, you agree to receive mails from our website. We also retain the right which is keeping relevant information that you provide. It is for analysis and will be delivered to other partner if necessary.

Exception of limited use:
If these following situations occur, our website will base on maintenance, management, service upgrade to provide convenience for the identification, reference, or when required to follow the law: 
* Confirmed the purpose and method to users prior to disclosure.
* Users violate the rules in our website,
* Users damage the site, even it is intentionally or not.
* Disclosure of information under the provisions enacted by the local government.
* We believe that the information published in our website is permitted by law.
* To protect the normal operation schedule of our website.

3. Limited Liability

* We try our best to make sure that the data stored in the system is secure. However, because of the sharing community networks, we cannot completely guarantee the absolute security of your information. 

* Our website is connected to many other web links and partners who use our advertising service, so they may find your personal information. Therefore, when you use some information or participate in activities organized by these companies and our website that you may doubt about the terms of privacy, please contact directly to them. Since we cannot control the activities of users and that policy management of personal information of users is not related to us, we are not responsible for the lookup operation, searching information of users.   

4. Contact us:

 If you have comments or suggestions on the methods of our privacy, please contact the manager of our website.