Vietnam increase promotion for the Middle East and Africa trade market

According to the agency reports. "increase promotion for the Middle East and Africa trade market" seminar in Hanoi Monday morning.
during the meeting, the delegates reach consensus, despite Vietnam's exports to the Middle East and African markets are increased, but the domestic enterprise has not yet been fully tap the potential of two markets.
In addition, Vietnam's export products quality and price competitiveness than China, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia is not strong.
Department of trade and industry bureau of trade promotion, deputy director Mr.Xie said that Vietnam and the Middle East and African countries have established cooperation relations long ago, the bilateral is always paying attention to consolidate and strengthen the traditional friendly relations.
To date, Vietnam established diplomatic relations with 70 countries in the region.
Ten years, bilateral trade volume has increased seven times. The region area is vast, large 3600 square kilometers and a population of 1.5 billion, the region for Vietnam's main product import demand is bigger, so that is seen as a potential market.
Vietnam's exports to the region increasingly diverse product variety, in addition to rice, coffee, pepper and other agricultural products, electronics, machinery and equipment parts and components have expanded into the Vietnam market.
Commerce ministry of South Asia, west Asia and Africa market department deputy director Wu Kaixuan said, the Middle East and Africa countries to import food, food, agricultural products, aquatic products, such as milk and consumer demand is bigger, it is Vietnamese companies intensify cooperation with countries of the region's a good chance.
In addition, the Middle East for building materials, cables, wires, interior products, processed food, milk and its products, office equipment etc, the major products of Vietnam, the import demand is great.
In 2009, Vietnam exports reached us $37.5 million in the Middle East and Africa, the Numbers have risen to $6.28 billion in 2015 (62% of the region's exports).
Department of trade and industry in South Asia, west Asia and Africa market department deputy director Mr.Ly said that in order to increase the intensity of exports to the Middle East and African markets, Vietnamese companies need to evaluate its development strategy and develop strategy and thus improve the competitiveness, improve the distribution pipeline, actively carry out market research, to participate in exhibitions and fairs, and other trade promotion activities.
In addition, companies should understand the African countries culture and society, and to introduce suitable products, to meet the demand of the market.
Each companies need to strengthen cooperation, so as to improve the competitiveness in the international market.