Vietnam with the three ASEAN countries to share information about the MERS epidemic dealing

Photos – Thai expert reported on television.
(Nhan Dan), according to Vietnam News Agency reported, on June 23, Preventive Medicine Department under the Ministry of Health of Vietnam, office for disease control and emergency action (EOC), with ASEAN countries, South Korea, Japan and China held a videoconference to share information relating to cope with MERS.
This conference is for countries to share their experience in the prevention and treatment of emerging diseases and work-related information to a control to meet emergency response targets with fluids disease prevention and promote MERS, fully reflects close cooperation in ASEAN's work with ASEAN and the three countries of China and Japan South in combating infectious diseases. The meeting is also the embodiment of the nation, reflecting the transparency and efficiency in sharing information of the prevention and spread of diseases MERS.
World Health Organization Asia-Pacific Region, on behalf of Allan, announces new MERS disease situation today, while encouraging the countries in the region to pay serious attention to the evolution of disease and to implement measures in order to prevent the spread of disease MERS.
Currently, Vietnam has not detected any cases of respiratory syndrome infected with the MERS. Vietnam’s Ministry of Health has asked all agencies and organizations concerned to be alert and prepared to do good work, to deal with the pandemic at any time, and work closely with ASEAN countries and international organizations to actively prevent the effective prevention of disease risk.
According to the latest news of the Department of Preventive Medicine, as of June 23, South Korea has confirmed the number of MERS syndrome case has rose to 175 and 27 deaths. /.