Vietnam-Thailand to deploy commitment on transport cooperation

Passengers from Bangkok, Thailand, on a flight to Can Tho

Airline Thai-VietJet Air. (Photo: Duy Khuong / VNA)
Sidelines of a cabinet meeting between Vietnam and Thailand that was taken place recently, the delegation of the Ministry of Transport of Vietnam and the Ministry of Transport of Thailand has discussed on the deployment Cooperation in the transport sector where the two countries have exchanged.
Reporters from Vietnam News Agency have an interview with Pham Thanh Tung, Head of Department of International Cooperation (Ministry of Transport) on the work at this meeting.
Pham Thanh Tung: At this meeting, the Ministry of Transport of the two countries discussed issues relating to promoting road transport, especially road transport through the East-West axis connecting Vietnam-Lao and Thailand, firstly, the Thai side proposed to open standard bus routes connecting the three countries: Laos Vietnam and Thailand.
During the first tripartite meeting, the Thai side proposed Vietnam to chair. Through working with the Ministry of Transport and Public Works of Laos, Lao side also agreed to hold the meeting in late August in Hanoi.
Also, in the maritime field, the Vietnam also suggested Thailand to recognize certificate of professional qualifications for seafarers under the STCW Convention (International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping license) to create favorable conditions for the activities of the two countries’ people. Thailand proposed to facilitate and minimize the administrative formalities for ships, cargo and crew to port in Thailand; reduce the charges and fees for immigration procedures at reasonable rate.
The two sides established the research team for coastal shipping routes from the East Coast of Thailand to the south coast of Vietnam to promote the opening line (research category of goods, ships, ports, etc.). The two sides also agreed to facilitate the operation of the airlines of the two countries.
For airlines Vietnamese-Thai joint venture, the two parties agreed that the Ministry of Transport of Thailand will support the activities of the joint venture, including incentives and other support. Thai aviation business -Vietjet was officially established in Thailand. Thai-Vietjet are rushing to complete the necessary procedures to prepare to exploit the usual domestic and international flight to / from Thailand on March 9/2015.
Pham Thanh Tung: We can say when making cross-national transport route we have to anticipate a lot of difficulties. Here, particularly difficulty is how to organize transport services, issue advertising and how to do that, to facilitate the passengers traveling on the way out so they can maintain transport services that is lasting and sustainable.
If we open transport routes with high transportation costs and poor service, it will soon fail, passenger will not go anymore. On the other hand, this is a transnational transport routes so that the coordination between the enforcement agencies of the inspection service, for police at the gate is also very complex.
For consistency between these agencies, it is required that agencies of Vietnam at border gate with Laos and between Laos with Thailand to maintain smooth communication to help quickly solve the problems that arise, thereby facilitating travel for passengers ...
On 03 May 08 2015