Vietnam will implement electronic visa issued in 2017

(Nhan Dan news), the agency reported, according to the Vietnamese culture, sports and tourism ministry, at present, the entry facilitation is the trend of the world major currency, including electronic visa has become a global trend.
Vietnam tourism administration has pointed out that to improve the international openness competitiveness, especially improve the visa restrictions for international tourists to Vietnam tourism create convenient and effective measures.
On August 9th in Quang Nam provincial capital city held a national conference of promote tourism development, the prime minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has said that Vietnam will come into effect since 2017 January 1, issued by the electronic visa.
Electronic visa is to allow the entry of a national tourism legal certificate.
At present, the electronic visa is the latest visa form.
According to the tourism bureau, prominent advantage of the electronic visa is better to ensure safety, information integration, widely used scope of application, if necessary the relevant authorities may share information with each other.
Transparent, update its financial and information management system, reduce the negative phenomenon.
Visitors can apply for electronic visa via the Internet, is very convenient and economy.
Australia began issuing electronic visa in 1996, is the world's first use of electronic visa.
Thereafter, Saudi Arabia, Armenia, bahrain, Burma, Cambodia, Sri Lanka and Turkey and other countries have been issued successively by the electronic visa.