Vietnam formally about anti-dumping measures on imports of galvanized products

(Nhan Dan news), the agency reported on March 30, Vietnam's department of trade and industry has been issued on the import of galvanized products (also known as galvanized sheet) of anti-dumping measures 1105 / Q Đ - BCT decision
Accordingly, the import of Vietnam galvanized products (galvanized) according to the classified coding Classification.Vietnam for a number of manufacturers and exporters anti-dumping tax rate is as follows: YiehPhui (China) technology material co., LTD. 3.17%; Sanqiang metal articles co., LTD. 26.36%; Benxi steel posco cold rolled sheet co., LTD. 38.34%; Benxi steel plate co., LTD., 27.36%;Tianjin harbor steel coil company 26.32%; Hebei iron and steel co., LTD., Tangshan steel mill by 38.34%; Wuhan iron and steel (group) company 33.49%;Other Chinese producers and exporters by 38.34%.Vietnam (POSCO) of South Korea's POSCO anti-dumping tax rate of 7.02%;For other south Korean producers and exporters to impose anti-dumping tax rate of 19%.Thus, Vietnam for Chinese producers anti-dumping tax rate as high as 38.34%;The south Korean producers anti-dumping tax rate as high as 19%.The decision on the date of issuance, 15 days later to take effect. The implementation of anti-dumping duties, term of five years. Asean Trading Purchase Yearbook
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