US billionaire Wibur:

Investment promotion conference in Vietnam, in the United States. (Photo: SSC)
Billionaire Wibur L. Ross, whose net assets are over $ 3 billion, ranking among the top 200 richest people in America showed impressive feelings toward Vietnam and did not hesitate to make optimistic comments on potential financial investment in Vietnam in investment promotion conference in the United States at the beginning of July (1-3 / 7).
"I went to Vietnam for the first time in 2001, while family here mainly traveled by bicycle. Recently, I have visited Vietnam and found that many families here own a car, even a very large hotel. Obviously, Vietnam has an impressive economic growth and in my comments, this is the safest country in the world, "said Ross L. Wibur billionaire.
Two reasons he Wibur L. Ross pointed out that US investors should be interested in Vietnam market, it is the efforts to reform the economy, including the reform of tax policy and loosen room ( from 49% to 100% for foreign investors), which have been implementing strongly by the Government of Vietnam.
Besides, the billionaire also expected, "the export sector strengths and real estate sector is likely to be strong and worth investor attention."
Also at the conference, many investors also gave very positive feedback on the investment opportunities in Vietnam.
After eight years of choosing Vietnam as the destination for a large project in tourism-Ho Tram resort in Vung Tau City, Harbinger Foundation Chairman, Mr. Philip A. Falcone shared heartfelt sharing, many investors then asked him, why chose Vietnam, a distant country and there are differences in economic, business, culture to the US. According to him, the reason for choosing Vietnam is because he believes in the development of an economy with nearly 90 million people, mainly young population, enthusiastic and hardworking.
Mr. Philip said, "In many years, the investment project had to go through numerous ups and downs, but I am very happy to be the first American pioneer to make large investments in tourism, resort in Vietnam and always believes that the project is the right opportunity, the right time, right place. This project will bring benefits to the parties, we and the Vietnam.
At the meeting, Finance Minister Dinh Tien Dung said, up to April 2/2015, the US had 729 investment projects in Vietnam with total capital of approximately $ 11 billion, ranking 7th in 101 countries and territories have invested directly in Vietnam.
In particular, in the capital markets, large financial corporations of America had been present in Vietnam. America now has a total of 995 investors in Vietnam, including 565 organizational investors and 430 individual investors, a relatively large proportion of foreign investors to have been granted trading codes.
It also shows that US investors really care, contribute and have an important role for economy and finance in Vietnam. Vietnam Government recognized and appreciated the role and presence of financial conglomerates, the US investors in Vietnam.
However, the Finance Minister stressed, "portfolio investment of the United States in Vietnam is still modest compared to the potential of the US investor and compared with the absorption capacity of the capital market Vietnam. Thus, capital markets still has great potential for US investors. "
Sharing more of Decree No. 60/2015 / ND-CP, Chairman of the State Securities Commission (SSC) Vu Bang said that this decision by the Government issued before 3 days as the conference on investment promotion took place, this is to show appreciation by the Government of Vietnam for foreign investors and welcome investors to Vietnam to seek suitable investment opportunities.
US investors were very interested in the regulations on business conditions in Vietnam, The Chairman of the State Securities Commission explained, "the difference in losing the room to 100%, only those business with conditions related to foreign investors are excluded, the remaining businesses with other conditions will be not restricted with ownership ratio of foreign investors."
Vice President of Manulife, Mr. Peter F. Wilkinson, head of government relations with the authorities, said, 16 years ago, Manulife Vietnam came to Vietnam because the business environment here has many advantages and the Government always solved the problem for enterprises, particularly in businesses.
"We already have investment experience in many countries and saw a bright future in Vietnam and want to invest more in this country," said Peter F. Wilkinson said.
Also at the conference on investment promotion, a number of large enterprises of Vietnam as SCIC, Vinatex, BIDV, Vinacomin ... shared desire to seek strategic investors to develop, contribute to boost investment and trade ties Vietnam - United States, for common prosperity of all parties. /.
On 18 May 07 2015