Step by step balancing Vietnam – China trade and tourism balance.

Conference Overview (Image by Tuong Thu-Hai Yen/ Vietnam News Agency)

On 20/08, Vietnam Embassy in China collaborated with China- ASEAN International Cooperation Center (ACC) to hold 2015 Vietnam-China Trade-Investment-Tourism Cooperation Conference.

The 2 sides, on this occasion, would be share its constructive ideas to highlight opportunities and outstanding issues left in economy- commerce- investment – tourism cooperation between the 2 countries. The sharing was also expected to improve the quality of the cooperation and to boost the bilateral turnover up to $US 100 billion.  

Speaking at the conference, Vietnam Embassy in China, Nguyen Van Tho said that Vietnam – China Strategic Comprehensive Partnership positively increased. Economy – Trade – Investment still leads the way in this overall cooperative partnership.  
The Ambassador Nguyen Van Tho emphasized that in the fluctuated state of economic and financial markets in the region and in the world, the 2 sides need to collaborate to keep economic growth not only of the 2 countries but also of the ASEA – PACIFIC stable, avoid negative impacts, exploit each side’s potentials, provide good conditions for bilateral import-export, step by step balance bilateral trade balance.  

According to China’s custom statistics, Vietnam-China trade turnover half of this year has reached to $US 41,8 billion, an increase of 16.6% compared to the same period last year, in which China export to Vietnam turnover goes around $US 31 billion, 14,8% higher than last year while China import to Vietnam is $US 10.8 billion, 22,1% higher than last year. That makes China rank 1st of Vietnam trade partner 11 years in a row. Vietnam’s ranking 2nd of two-ways trading growth within ASEAN table list shows the huge potential and support for the 2 nations in bilateral trading. In addition, the 2 sides has achieved a great success in investment and tourism.  
24th August, 2015