August’s total foreign investment reaching more than $US 13 billions

Image (Source: Vietnam News Agency)
According to Foreign Investment Bureau (Ministry of Planning and Investment) revealed that, up to 20/8, there were 1.219 certified projects in total nationwide with the total registerd capital of $US 7,87 billion, a rise of 8,7%. Among them, there were 389 turns registering to increase capital with the total of more than $US 5,46 billions, 82,8% increase compared to the same period in 2014.   
There were 17 sectors and areas which attracted investors’ capital. Out of that, proccedding industry, manufacturing industry appealed 634 new registered project and 290 turns of increasing capital with the total new capital and increased capital of $US 10,35 billion. Ranking 2 was real estate with 18 new-registered projects and 7 turns of increasing capital with the total new capital and increased capital of $US 1,82 billion. Ranking 3 was whole-saling and retailing, repairing with 157 new investment projects,....

In addition, Korea was still Vietnam leading investor out of 55 countries and regions with the total new-registered capital and increased capital of $US 5,26 billion accouting for 39,5% total investment capital in Vietnam. England has invested $US 1,25 billion accounting for 9,39% and The British Virgin Islands has invested $US 973 millions account 7,3% total investment capital in Vietnam ranking number 3.
When it comes to provinces, it was Bac Ninh which was the leading one attracting total $US 3,3 billions investment capital, accounting more than 25%. HCM city has attracted $2,42 billion and Dong Nai province has attracted $US 1,13 billion, accounting for 11,3% and 8,5% total investment capital respectively.
In regards to region, Red River Delta has attracted the most foreign investment with the total capital of new-registered capital and increased capital of $US 5,68 billion, accounting for 42,6% total investment capital. The Eastern South region ranking number 2 with $US 5,48 billion capital accounting 41,2% while Central Highlands region is the least foreign investment with $US 349,300 accounting 0,3% total investment capital. In addition, in the first 8 months of this year, foreign businesses’s export turnover has reached to $US 74,6 billion (including crude oil), rising 14,7% accouting for 70,2% total export turnover nationwide. 
31st August, 2015