British Prime Minister pledged to deepen economic ties between the UK and ASEAN

Photo: Le Luong Minh, Secretary General and Prime Minister Cameron in a meeting dated 27/7
On 27/7, British Prime Minister David Cameron made a historic visit to the ASEAN Secretariat office with commitment to deepen economic ties between the UK and this dynamic region.
According to a source, ASEAN Secretariat said at the meeting with British Prime Minister, Secretary General of ASEAN, Le Luong Minh highly appreciated the visit that reflects the commitment of the United Kingdom and the political desire to deepen the relationship with ASEAN.
Secretary General stated that concern of the United Kingdom in strengthening economic relations (with ASEAN) is consistent with the development trend of ASEAN economic integration
An update on the progress made in the formation of an ASEAN Community by the end of this year, Le Luong Minh Secretary General also highlighted the important achievements and challenges need to be addressed in the region. He stressed that with a GDP of the region reached nearly 2,600 billion dollars in 2014, ASEAN is now the seventh largest economy in the world and is on track to become the fourth largest by 2050.
Prime Minister Cameron praised the achievement in the establishment of the ASEAN Community that will bring real benefits for the region and beyond. Prime Minister said Britain would boost cooperation with ASEAN in fields such as infrastructure development and e-commerce. He also appointed a special envoy on trade to facilitate the promotion of trade relations and investment between ASEAN and the United Kingdom.
Le Luong Minh, Secretary General and Prime Minister Cameron also discussed some regional issues and international impact on peace and stability in the region as the issue of nuclear weapons or the South China Sea issue.
Regarding the situation in the South China Sea, the two leaders agreed on the importance of the efforts towards a peaceful solution consistent with international law and the UN Convention on Law of the Sea in 1982 and the principle of the six views of ASEAN on South East Sea.
On this occasion, the ASEAN Secretariat organized the ASEAN business forum with the participation of the British leaders from large enterprises and representatives of major British companies to promote investment in ASEAN. / .