In August 2016 Vietnam original package imports amounted to 10,000 cars

(Nhan Dan news) Vietnam's statistics bureau said in August 2016, Vietnam's original package imports amounted to 10000 cars, up 11% from a year earlier.
This month original package car imports totaled $486 million, up 9% from a year earlier.
But compared with July, car's imports quantity and imports amount fell by 9% and 15.4% respectively.
First eight months of 2016, Vietnam's original package imports more than 71000 cars, fell by 4.1%;
Imports totaled $1.592 billion, down 16.3% year-on-year.
In addition, in August 2016, Vietnam's motorcycle and parts imports totaled $50 million, up 66.6% from a year earlier.
First eight months of accumulative total of $271 million, up 20.4% from a year earlier.
It is worth mentioning that Vietnam's other transport imports is a trend of sharp drop in.
Specific, in August, other means of transport imports only $60 million, fell 86% year on year;