Standard Chartered Bank predicted 6% growth in Vietnam in 2016

(Nhan Dan news), British Standard Chartered bank have just released world economic outlook report, the forecast in 2016 and 2017, Vietnam's economic growth rate of 6% and 6.6% respectively.
According to the report, despite the negative influence of agricultural industry growth rate, but growth in manufacturing and construction is the important power to realize the growth targets.
According to the report, "in the context of the global economy, Vietnam is still the most attractive foreign investors a few destinations, expect the second half of this year, foreign investment into Vietnam positivity."
According to Standard Chartered bank of the report, based on the strong consumption growth, the overall inflation rate of 3.4% in the second half of Vietnam, the annual inflation rate of 2.6%.
About the exchange rate, while in the UK to out off the EU incident , currency market volatility is larger, but adopted by state bank of Vietnam, the daily exchange rate adjust mechanism has help stabilize the exchange rate adjustment center.
As a result, the bank is expected to, from now until the end of the year, dong against the us dollar will remain at the level of 22400 Vietnam dong.(end)