Vietnam implement the < Asean Trade In Goods Agreement > rules of origin of goods

(Nhan Dan news), the agency reported, Vietnam's department of trade and industry released by the implementation of the Asean trade in goods agreement (ATIGA) the rules of origin of goods.
Earlier, in January 2016, the Asean countries in the Asean trade in goods agreement agreed goods in situ chapter rules needed to modify content, followed by the Asean secretariat to submit asean free trade area (AFTA) council for deliberation.
Modify the content includes 2012 customs HS codes based on information technology catalogue and details of the certificate of origin issued and inspection formalities two content.
The end of February and early March 2016, asean free trade area council approved based on 2012 catalog of goods subject to the customs HS code information technology and through the formalities of certificate of origin issued and check the content of the proposed change to the asean free trade area electronic certificates of origin (C/O Form D) put into use.
It is reported, the notice will be effective on November 15, 2016.