Deputy – Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam enabling start-ups community to growth

Meeting between Deputy Minister Vu Duc Dam and start-up community

Image by An Dang/News Agency News

Vice Minister Vu Duc Dam had a meeting and discussions with start-up community to evaluate policies mechanism in order to find solutions to support the community more for its growths, at the Headquarters of Government on 12/08 afternoon.

At the meeting, representatives from Departments, Businesses shared their experiences and other issues that business have been facing in doing their start-up, technologies applying, capital reaching, innovative and creative projects,….

Although it was established in recent times and not a big one, VN start-up community has had a solid development, contributing more and more in the development of sciences and technologies.
Vice Minister Vu Duc Dam highly appreciated the efforts, creativity, activeness, and success of the community recently which actively contribute to the development of economy, society, science and technology of the country. He also wanted the community to strongly consolidate for strengthen the Viet Nam business’s competency in the region and in the world.
The Deputy Minister also noted that Government had realized limited and inadequate law of policies to support start-up businesses and actively looked for suitable solutions. In the coming times, Departments, Bureaus needed to find more supporting solutions, capitals, made more policy mechanism in order to create a good environment for establishment and development of start-up businesses.
Vice Minister of Ministry of Planning and Investment Dang Huy Dong said that Ministry of Sciences and Technologies was planning Start-up Ecosystem project to submit to Prime Minister for approval. The project focused on building a Science and Technology Fund for raising capitals for start-up businesses and researching and applying science and technology to production, which expected to create more competitive products in domestic and international markets.
15th Agust, 2015