Japan pledge to support ASEAN’s security in East Sea

Japan Vice-minister of Foreign Affair Minoru Kiuchi (AFP/TTXVN)
News from Japan Foreign Affair Ministry released that Japan and some nations among ASEAN members showed their concerns about increasing tension in the East Sea, cited by Kyodo agency. 
In the ASEAN- sidelined meeting with ASEAN senior officials in Kuala Lumpur, Japan Vice-minister of Foreign Affair Minoru Kiuchi also showed his deep worry about unilateral effort to change the current status of disputed islands and to increase tension through large-scale constructions in the East Sea. 
Mr Kiuchi insisted on the need and importance of maintaining international law and avoiding to using force to cope with conflicts which should be handled peacefully.
In addition Japan Vice-minister of Foreign Affair said that Tokyo will fully cooperate with ASEAN’s effort to establish ASEAN economic community by the end of this year. 
In the meeting ASEAN members also showed their concerns over the current situation in the East Sea and call for solutions legitimated to the international laws to deal with dispute peacefully.