The Asian development bank to continue to invest in Vietnamese infrastructure

When vice President of the Asian development bank sustainable development and knowledge management to visit Vietnam, on behalf of the Asian development bank in Vietnam at a press conference on March 8, has just released " the report about the meet the demand of Asian infrastructure" and to help Vietnam development infrastructure are discussed.
Vice President at a press conference, said the report released by the Asian development bank mainly involved in transportation, energy, telecommunications, infrastructure needs in the field of water supply and sanitation. This is the key to promote economic development and poverty alleviation.
Vice President, said Vietnam should continue to implement fiscal policy system reform.At the same time, Vietnam also should promote private enterprises to participate in, build open investment environment, more use of public-private partnership model, optimizing the capital market.
The Asian development bank chief representative in Vietnam has when it comes to attract private sector investment in infrastructure, the Asian development bank funding problems such as the role of infrastructure projects in the future.
The reports of meet the demand of Asian infrastructure, said if Asia want to keep growing, poverty alleviation and climate change, will invest more than $26 trillion during 2016-2030.Among them, the energy for $14.7 trillion, the transportation was $8.4 trillion, telecom was $2.3 trillion, water supply and sanitation for $800 billion. VinhSang Co.Ltd