The National Fronts of Vietnam and Laos exchange experience

Previous talks Vu Trong Kim Vice Chairman flowers to Mr. Tong-Gio-Tho, Vice Chairman of Standing Committee of the Central Front for National Construction
Head of the delegation, the Central Committee Lao Front for National Construction, Comrades Tho, Central Committee of Lao People's Revolutionary Party, Deputy Chairman of the Central Standing Committee of National Front for National Construction paid a visit to Vietnam from 12th-18th March. On this occasion, the Central Committee of Communist Party of Vietnam, Deputy Chairman of the Central Committee of the Vietnam National Front and General Secretary Vu Trong Kim and Mr. General-Tho Geneva held a meeting on May 16 in Hanoi 07
Vice President Vu Trong Kim stressed that the visit of the delegation of the Central Committee of National Front for National Construction will consolidate and develop bilateral relations between Vietnam and Laos and contribute to friendship and solidarity relations and comprehensive cooperation for the two peoples.
Permanent Vice Chairman Tong-Gio Tho said that, like Vietnam, in two years 2015 and 2016, Laos will host the 40th anniversary of National Day, the 65th anniversary of the Lao Front Central Committee’s national construction, the 10th national congress of People's Revolutionary Party of Laos, and other commemorative events. He hoped that the two countries' front organization will coordinate and cooperate with each other, the special solidarity and friendship between the peoples will contribute to the comprehensive and cooperative relations of the two from generation to generation.
At the meeting, the two sides discussed toward economic and social development of the two countries and the preparations of late 2015 to join the ASEAN Community, and towards the training of staff, handed experience and mode of operation of the reform and innovation, aimed at more effective co-operation. (According TTXVNA)
On 17 May 07 2015