On the 18th anniversary of joining ASEAN and 48th anniversary of the establishing of ASEAN, Laos Deputy Minister Alounkeo Kittikhoun on 8/8 had a brief interview with VN journalists in Laos about benefits the country have get after joining ASEAN as well as her prioritized targets after taking ASEAN rotating president next year.

Deputy Minister Alounkeo Kittikhounq said Laos officially joining ASEAN in 1997 has proved for her foreign policies: living peacefully, widely and friendly cooperating with all countries in the world, especially with neighbouring countries within the region.
In the globalization era, no country could stands alone. Therefore all countries should join in groups including Laos.

Laos’ joining ASEAN has empowered her position not only in the region, but also on the whole world since ASEAN has more than 10 cooperation and dialogue partners.

Through ASEAN+ forum, Laos’ position has been enhanced with many more multilateral cooperations with other countries, not only politics cooperation but also economics and social ones.
Mentioning about Laos’ priorities after taking ASEAN presidency next year, Mr. Alounkeo Kittikhoun said ASEAN community would be established by the end of this year with 3 main factors: political security, economy and social culture.

Also by the end of this year, ASEAN will be ratifying vision and action plan for the next 10 years. Therefore, with the position of ASEAN president in 2016, Laos certainly will be implementing ASEAN’s visions and action plans for the next 10 years.
In addition Laos will try her best to ensure ASEAN’s solidarity and keep its leading role in international issues.