In 2017, the ASEAN nations economy has maintained a good momentum of growth

The Jakarta post recently quoted standard chartered bank, asean and South Asia aera CEO Anna Marrs said, along with the export activities active, asean members of 30 years, rapid economic growth, and has maintained a good momentum of growth in 2017.
Predicted that in 2017 the ten asean countries saw the economy will continue to maintain a 5% to 7% growth, including Indonesia, the Philippines, according to high quality export strategy and policy priorities in the domestic market is expected to become the fastest growing economies.Within the asean trade accounted for 25% of the total amount of trade and maintain a good development trend.With increasing spending power in the asean region is expected to continue to attract enterprises to invest in.
Under the background of the asean market based, asean enterprises should be considered into South Asia and other markets.At present, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and other south Asian countries are launching a number of preferential investment policies;The region the human cost is low, for south-east Asian nations (ASEAN) enterprises the expanding scale of operation to provide convenient conditions. 
At the same time, investment funds continue to flow into the asean and South Asia, to strengthen national interconnectivity, which bring tangible benefits for the parties involved.Therefore, each companies need to expand field of vision and initiative into full market potential. Vinh Sang Co.,:td