2015 Autumn Economic Forum’s Opening in Thanh Hoa Province – Viet Nam

Mr.Nguyen Van Giau, Chairman of Economic Committee of Congress speaking at the Forum

 (Image by Trinh Duy Hung – VietNam News Agency)

On 27/8, Economic Committee, Foreign Affair Committee of Congresss, Vietnam social sciences Academy and Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry in coordination with Thanh Hoa Province to hold 2015 Autumn Economic Forum with the theme : “Vietnam Economy: Integration and sustainable development”. 

Vice Chairman of the Congress Uong Chu Luu togerther with delegations who are economic specialists came to join this events.

The Forum evaluated Vietnam’s joining international economy process after its offcial members of WTO as well as Vietnam’s bilateral and multilateral commitements.

Lately, Vietnam Goverment has signed and implemented many of important agreements including : Vietnam – US bilateral trade agreement; joining WTO; FTA and coming free trading commerce agreements with worldwide leading countries such as : US, EU,....

Speaking at the Forum, Vice Chairman of the Congress Uong Chu Luu affirmed that Vietnam’s world economic integration is the right strategy. However, he also pointed out some weaknesses such as : not yet befefit from it, weak competitiveness capacity, slow administrative reform, resources limitation,...  

In order for Vietnam economy to develop fast and sustainably,  Vice Chairman of the Congress also raised attention to ministries and agencies that they should focus on agricultural, industrial, commerce and high-tech resources since they are the key while integrating into the world.
Mr.Truong Dinh Tuyen, Former Minister of Trade said that, Vietnam did not take advantage all the opportunities it had during its integration because of slow internal reform. The integration and globalization did not decreased State’s impact.
According to Mrs.Victoria Kwakwa, World Bank Director in Vietnam, Vietnam’s befefits after its integration is huge, agricultural also got success after integration. Businesses also needed more necessary infomation and focus on their strength.

Mrs. Victoria Kwakwa also believed that integration is the first solid step for Vietnam to strongly development in the coming time, leading Vietnam to become a modern industrialized country.

At the forum, there were some ideas that in order to have effective and strong represetative groups, Congress and Goverment needs to give a good mechanism such as : transform State’ services in business’s activities to business association, implementing regulation of the joining of businesses in making policies and laws.      
29th August, 2015