Jetstar providing the first low-cost routes Hanoi-Hong Kong service

Image by Jetstar


Information provided by low-cost airline Jetstar Pacific said that it officially put the new international air route linking Hanoi – Hongkong into operation today (07/09) using Airbus A320, which marks the first low-cost service on this route to serve tourism and businesses from the 2 sides and contribute to the development for the 2 sides as well.
So far, Jetstar Pacific is the only airline to provide low-cost service on this route with 4 weekly return flights on Monday, Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday. The flight from Hanoi numbered BL678 takes off at 16.15pm and the other BL679 taking off from Hongkong international airport at 19.55pm. The total time is 2 hours.   

The modern airplane 180-classic-seats Airbus A320 will be used by Jetstar Pacific for this route. Tickets from Hanoi-Hongkong are available at www.jetstart with fares from 590,000 (the lowest price) ( $ HKD 249 - $ US 26,78) for a one-way-trip (excluding super discount tickets).  

Jetstar Pacific will be providing 2 more domestic air routes linking Pleku-Hanoi and Pleku-HCMC in the near future as planned.

Jetstar Pacific, member of Jetstar Group, is an Asea-Pacific leading low-cost airline. Jetstar Pacific,  continuously opening domestic and international air routes, has so far exploiting 25 domestic and international air routes, intergrating to Jetstart Group’s low-cost flight newworks to 60 locations of 16 countries. 

Vietnam Airlines and Qantas Group (Qantas Airways – Australia) are the main shareholders of Jetstart Pacific.
9th September, 2015