Joint-statement issued by 48th AMM

the host minister of Foreign Affair Anifah Aman.( AFP/TTXVN)
The 48th AMM and relevant meetings’ closing ceremony was held on 06/08 evening, according to Vietnam news agency in Kuala Lumpur.
Joint-statement ratified by ASEAN’s Ministers affirms the agreement to make ASEAN community become real by the end of this year and to solve regional issues as well as global ones.
The 48th AMM joint-statement with policies to direct ASEAN relies on 3 main factors: political securities, economy and social culture.

Through all ASEAN internal meetings and ASEAN meetings with partners, ministers have affirmed the commitment to continuously build the ASEAN community with political cohesion, economic links and responsible society by the end of this year.  After 2015 ASIAN’s vision will be directing community’s activities in the next 10 years. 

Based on achievement reached out so far the meeting comes to an agreement that ASEAN community will be continuously built, deeply and widely integrated with tie cooperation to all fields.

People will be the focus of ASEAN community: “our people, our community, our vision”. The group is taking advantage of relations with partners in order to have their supports, helps which benefits the process of establishing the community, but ASEAN will stands in the center.

ASEAN ministers also highly appreciated the contribution of partners to the cooperation mechanism ASEAN + 1, ASEAN +3, East Asia Summit, ARF Forum, aiming to mutual prosperity.
To the East Sea, ministers raised their concerns over recent activities on the field. They also receive deep worries from some other ministers about activities of consolidating soils in islands on the East Sea which erode the belief of other relevant parties and increase tension leading to harm peace, security and stability on the East Sea.

In addition to joint-statement, meetings also issued ones from President of ASEAN +3, East Asia summit, ARF forum and ASEAN+1.
In the press conference after the ceremony, the host minister of Foreign Affair Anifah Aman revealed that ASEAN had been on the same page in many concerning issues : the commitment for the road to ASEAN community 2009-2015 by the end of this year. 
With the role of ASEAN president in 2015, Malaysia will be aiming to 3 prioritized main factors to build the community.