Bettering solutions for making ASEAN community become real

Mustapa Mohamed – Malaysian Minister of International Trade and Industry at the press conference (the 2nd person to the left)  (Image by Kim Dung- Chi Giap / Vietnam +)

Malaysian Minister of  International Trade and Industry (MITI), Mustapa Mohamed held a press conference on 20/08 at Kuala Lumpur Conventional Center (KLCC) about 47th ASEAN Economic Ministers’ meeting (AEM 47) and related meetings.
AEM 47 would be officially kicked off on 22/08 at KLCC, Minister Mustapa said. This is the last crucial meeting of ASEAN Ministers, before 27th Senior ASEAN meetings in November and ASEAN Economic Community (AEC)’s official establishment the end of this year. 
The implementation of AEC’s solutions will be discussed in the meeting, including: the completion of commitments for General plan for building 2015 AEC; double-checking ASEAN Economic vision after 2015 and Strategic Action Plan for the next 10 years; building General plan for intermediate and small- scales for businesses in 2016 – 2025.
The Consultation Conference taking place from 23-25/8 is between ASEAN Economic Ministers with its dialogue partners, including: Economic Minister of China, Japan, Korean, Australia, New Zealand, India, Canada, Russia, and USA.

ASEAN Ministers will be also meeting with representatives from ASEAN Trade Council, East Asia Trade Council, Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry at ASEAN, US-ASEAN Trade Council, Canada-ASEAN Trade Council, India-ASEAN Trade Council.

In addition, ASEAN – EU Summit and East Asia Investment Forum will be held on 23 and 24/08. The 2 meetings will talk about boosting economic cooperation between ASEAN members and its dialogue partners.
22nd August, 2015.