The Vietnam - the European free trade agreement, usher in new opportunities

The agency reported, titled "the Vietnam - the European free trade agreement, new opportunities" seminar on September 14, was held in Brussels, Belgium.
By the Vietnam vice minister of industry and trade, " Vietnam - the European free trade agreement " Vietnam head of delegation and deputy director general of the European commission's trade department, the European Union head of delegation , co-chair of the conference, attract from the European association of various social organizations, enterprises and large enterprises more than 120 delegates attend.
The seminar is according on both sides of the second review protocol content framework. As planned, from now until the end of 2016, the two sides will hold one or two to review, to ensure the correctness of the protocol content. The agreement will be translated into the EU each countries’ language and Vietnamese language. Translation work is completed, the agreement will be signed.
In addition, the delegates on the agreement in the most efficient solutions for further discussion.
It is understood that the Vietnam - the European free trade agreement comes into force, the EU will cancel import tariffs on 85.6% of Vietnam goods, after seven years 99% import duties will be cancelled. Vietnam will be EU import tariffs on goods to 65%, in 10 years’ time, 99.8% of the EU's goods will enjoy zero tariff.