Vietnam-EU Free trade agreement

Photos - " Vietnam-EU Free trade agreement - implying for policy and institutional reform and " seminar held in Hanoi
(Nhan Dan) Danish Embassy in Vietnam and the Institute for Economic Management Central Vietnam jointly organized a seminar on "Vietnam-EU Free Trade Agreement – Implying for major reforms on policies and institutions "on June 25 in Hanoi.
Danish Ambassador to Vietnam John Nelson in his opening remarks at the conference stressed that it would bring economic development opportunities to Vietnam after Vietnam and the EU signed the Free Trade Agreement. In the future, Vietnam should focus on promoting policy and institutional reforms. Therefore, before the two sides have signed an agreement, Vietnam should conduct careful research, prudent for policy and institutional reform. Vietnamese government and enterprises should well prepare for all aspects of preparation to be able to perform effectively the items in the free trade agreement. As a member of the EU, Denmark will support, help and soon sign a free trade agreement Vietnam-EU.
President of the Institute for Economic Management Central Vietnam - Dr. Nguyen Dinh Cung said that the Agreement will bring major benefits for Vietnam. Estimated in 2025, Vietnam's GDP will increase 7-8%. In addition, exports from Vietnam to the EU will increase by around 10%. When the agreement is signed, it will bring significant opportunities for the development of Vietnam in textile, garments, footwear, seafood and other industries.
On this occasion, the organization of the United Nations on Trade and Development, Institute of foreign economic policy of Korean, international experts from the University of Copenhagen – Denmark and other countries share relevant successful experience in implementing policy institutional reforms of the free trade agreements, and assessed Vietnam in preparation for implementation of policy and institutional reforms of the Agreement. /.