Vietnam strive to 2025 the auxiliary industry can meet the demand of domestic product of 65%

By 2020, auxiliary industrial products will meet the demand of Vietnam production of 45%, to 2025 the number will upto 65%.This is the government's prime minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has just approved about Vietnam auxiliary industrial development planning phase (2016-2025) of the proposed objectives. As planned the outlook during 2020 to 2025, will focus on the development spare parts industry of Vietnam, textile and garment auxiliary industry, leather industry, high-tech industry auxiliary industry and so on three areas.In the field of auto parts, will expand the metal parts, plastic and rubber parts, electrical and electronic accessories production, strive to meet domestic demand in 2025 to the 55% and increase the intensity of services in the high-tech industrial products production,etc. Textile and garment, leather industry will expand textile auxiliary industry, leather industry raw materials and auxiliary materials production, achieve to 2020 65% of textile and clothing industry to satisfy domestic demand, 75% to 80% of the leather industry to meet domestic demand.In the field of high-tech supporting industry, will develop a special auxiliary services in high-tech industrial equipment, materials, software and other products and services, and supporting system for the development of auxiliary equipment, promote technology transfer, etc. asiatiger infomation network VinhSang