The meeting of TPP minister failed to unify the idea of 11 countries

The meeting of TPP minister failed to unify the idea of 11 countries
(Japan's economic news) Except USA, the trans-pacific partnership (TPP) on May 21, the 11 members in the council of ministers held in Vietnam, summarizes the minister statement aims to contribute to the TPP to take effect. Statement made it clear that will end in November to the TPP into effect as soon as possible options to discuss. Revealed the discussion in 11 countries except pulled out of the United States between effective policy, but the attitude of between each countries there is still a temperature difference, "TPP11" the road ahead hard.
Japan's minister in charge of economic revitalization economic and fiscal Ichihara after the meeting stressed that "confirmed 11 countries (to the TPP) the provisions of the". Also released the chief negotiator meeting in July in Japan. And the United States said, " although not easily return to, but will be negotiating with Japanese".
On the one hand, the U.S. trade representative (USTR) office representative Wright sea strategy in the Asia-pacific economic co-operation (APEC) trade minister, at a joint press conference after the meeting made clear that "the United States will not change out of TPP decision". Also said, "in necessity at one-on-one talks" again shows attach importance to bilateral free trade agreement (FTA) talks.
The 11 of TPP members minister stressed the point in a statement, namely the realization of 12 countries including the United States in 2015 reached an agreement the TPP will be helpful for the growth of the economy for TPP members . Japan has been advocated in keeping the agreement of big framework without the United States in 11 countries come into effect as soon as possible, but only wrote in a statement "discuss effective options" as soon as possible. No show that achieve TPP11 attitude, however, written into the discussion prompted the USA regression of countermeasures.
In addition, the statement also write to agree that high levels of trade rules, such as the concept of TPP open door policy in a third country.Is believed to consider the forward to central and South America economic circle "the Pacific alliance" members of the Columbia new to join the TPP in Mexico and so on.

11 countries through a minister statement aims to contribute in charge of the TPP into effect as soon as possible, successful shows the minimal unity of members .However, the Japanese government relations personage points out, "the idea is not unity".

Chief negotiators meeting on May 20, originally should be at the end of the evening, but the attitude to the United States and the discussion of the agreement content change into turmoil.In the end, the council of ministers and no further discussion, ending more than 40 minutes ahead of schedule.

Consistent with Japan's point , clearly want to contribute to effective TPP11 is New Zealand and Australia.Facing the north American free trade agreement (NAFTA) to renegotiate Canada and Mexico are sounding the TPP discussion can work as a condition of negotiations with the United States, does not seem to have made it clear.

In Asia, in 12 countries of TPP negotiations, such as let USA agreed open market to exchange Vietnam implement restrictions reform,may demand change agreement.Malaysia did not change the wait-and-see attitude.Central and South America, Chile and Peru also remain ambiguous attitude. Asia Tiger Information Network
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