In August 2016 the Vietnam national consumer price index rose slightly

(Nhan Dan news) Vietnam statistics bureau on August 24 according to data released , in August 2016, the Vietnam national consumer price index (CPI) rose 0.1%, month-on-month rose 2.57%, up 2.58% from last year December.
The first eight months of this year CPI rose 1.91% in Vietnam.
Class 11 kinds of commodities at goods in the six kinds of commodity price index is rising.
Among them, the medicines and health service class or the highest, 6.18%;
Education classes up 0.47%;
Textile and clothing, hats, footwear, up 0.14%;
Other goods and services rose 0.11%;
Beverages and tobacco class up 0.05%;
Household appliances rose 0.05%.
Class 5 commodity trend are down, among them, 1.97% drop in traffic classes, restaurants and food service class fell 0.14%, cultural entertainment and tourist class fell by 0.12%, postal telecommunications and housing and building materials fell 0.03% and 0.03% respectively.
Vietnam statistics bureau deputy director general of price statistics division, says ms is the main reason for the increase in the consumer price index in August that's beacuse the health service price is increased.
In addition, the new school year will start is to promote education class trend.
According to the Vietnam administration of statistical evaluation, core inflation rose 0.09% in August 2016, up 1.83% from a year earlier.
The first eight months of the year, Vietnam core inflation rose 1.8%, Administration of statistical prediction of consumer price index in September will be higher than in August.