July CPI hit lowest rise in 10 years

On 24/7, the General Department of Statistics, Ministry of Planning and Investment has announced the consumer price index (CPI) rose 0.13% in July in comparison with June.
Accordingly, the national CPI has increased by 0.9% comparing to the same period of the last year and increased by 0.68% over the December 2014. Thus, the average CPI of first seven months of 2015 compared to the same period last year increased by 0.86%.
Specifically, in 11 groups of goods and services, there are only 9 group that have grown. The highest rises in are in the group of apparel, headwear; footwear rose 0.25% and the group of goods and other services rose 0, 08%, which hit the lowest rise.
Education group price index barely rose and Post and Telecommunication Group fell 0.02%.
Weather elements
Do Thi Ngoc, Deputy Director of Price Statistics, the General Statistics Office, explained the reason why the July CPI rose, “because this is the time of the examinations in Grade 10 exams and high school graduation time, plus the hot weather drag the demand for catering services outside the home, refreshment, public transport services that make the price of these commodities increase.
In addition, Ms. Ngoc also analyzes, hot weather also makes the demand for electricity increase, electricity price index rose 1.32%, water index rose by 0.22.%.
In addition, from the date 7/1/2015, the price of medical services in Ho Chi Minh City are adjusted in some counties (according to the schedule stipulated in Joint Circular No. 04/2012 / TTLT BYT BTC dated 02/29/2012) makes the CPI national health services increased 0.15% comparing to the previous month.
"In the last 10 years, CPI of July compared to December, 2014 hit lowest growth and increased less than 1%. Excluding 2012, the CPI in July from the previous month also was at the lowest in 10 years, "Ngoc said.
A noteworthy point, the food price index in July decreased by 0.38% compared with June.
In July, the domestic gold price plummeted 1.24% over the previous month. The cause of influence from the volatility of world gold prices, spot gold price was below $ 1,150 / ounce, the lowest level in 5 years.
In contrast, the US dollar index rose 0.09% in May compared with June, the exchange rate fluctuated around 21,835 VND / USD.
Over the same period, core inflation rose 2.04% in July and in average seven months rose 2.22% and higher than 0.9% and 0.86% of overall inflation due to general inflation price is lower than the same period of the last year. /.
On 25 May 07 2015