Canada to speed up cooperation with ASEAN in various domains

Vancouver, Canada. (Nguồn: AFP/TTXVN)

Canada Foreign Vice-minister Daniel Jean affirmed that his countries will be increasingly boost cooperation between Canada – ASEAN in business domain, cultural exchanges and disaster easing – in the sidelined meeting with ASEAN’ Secretary Le Luong Minh during AMM 48 in Malaysia, cited by Vietnam news agency according to press release by ASEAN’s Board of Secretary on 07/08
Canada Foreign Vice-minister Daniel Jean and the Secretary had a discussion about how to effectively conduct “Action plan for intensifying relation ASEAN – Canada 2016-2020”
Mr. Le Luong Minh expected that Canada and ASEAN will be put core domains as highly prioritized in conducting this plan.

He encouraged Canada to support ASEAN in reaching out to goals of “ASEAN vision after 2015”. Mr. Luong also encouraged ASEAN-Canada business consultancy board to actively play an important role in promoting bilateral trade and investment.

In addition the ASEAN Secretary Le Luong Minh and  Canadian Foreign Vice-minister Daniel Jean discussed issues that impact the regional peace, stability including East Sea escalation.