Automatic Chocolate Conche Machine Refining Equipment

Chocolate conche machine is used in fine grinding of chocolate mass, it is the main equipment in chocolate production line.

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Chocolate conche machine, chocolate refining machine
Conching is a modern process in making chocolate. Characteristic taste, smell and texture of chocolate are developed at this stage.
The refining process is to reduce the particle sizes of both cocoa solids and sugar crystals in finished chocolate.
The chocolate conche refiner is heated by electric power. The behind cover is installed with the ventilating fan, surface cover made by SUS304, others are made by carbon steel with paint.
The material of the lining bars, scrapers are 65Mn after heating treatment, it can prelong their life. The base and gear box are cast iron, so it will be more stable and can make sure the  fineness degree.
This chocolate refining machine can produce pure chocolate. with filling and two-color chocolate .The products enjoy attractive appearance and smooth surface, The products enjoy attractive appearance and smooth surface. The machine may accurately fix the feed is really ideal equipment for production high-grade chocolate.

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