Heating boiler

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A heating boiler is a kind of machine which have low heating pressure and can produce high temperatures. The so-called thermal load is used here, for example TRANSCAL N, is liquid oil, gasless, after heated inside, oil runs through high-pressured pumps to ratiator equipments, alternative equipments, after being exothermic, oil flow comes back into the machine and continue the routine. 

Low shipping cost. 
Special internal structure, high thermal efficiency, energy saving.
Low loss of pressure. lower the dynamics of the pump.
Extent of need for addtional heat load is low.

High safety:
When working, the gas does not escape
Use heat-resistant materials, low heat accumulation. When power is out, heat load does not exceed the allowed temperature.
Install automatic warning devices, when wrong operation occurs, the sign will alert and the machine will automatically stop working.