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SmartID - Nam Son ( officially started in August 2007 with the original name IDCard ( under the Technology Co., Ltd. - Technology Nam Son - one of the leading companies dedicated to providing line card printer products, barcode equipments and solutions for card applications in all fields.
SmartID supplies line recognition products, barcode and management solutions. Products are included: identification of SmartID card printers, card scanner, timekeeper prestige, quality brand name of two specialized card printer provides leading DIS - Germany and HiTi - Taiwan. With premium features Vietnam, technologically advanced and diverse solutions, SmartID always make sure to meet most of the needs identified and managed in all areas.
Smartid - Certified Distributor HiTi Smartid - Certified Distributor DIS
Certificate authorized distributor of HiTi & DIS
In the spirit of constant strive, endeavor improve skills and knowledge in the field of expertise, SmartID - Nam Son was honored to be one of two representatives to attend the global excellence typical report on the plan business and product development in Vietnam market in a global seminar organized by the firm DIS in Phuket - Thailand in 2008 with the participation of 120 countries. In particular, the report of the unit SmartID - Nam Son is considered the best.

Smartid - Certificate of Merit DIS Smartid - Get Merit DIS
Dang Ngoc Quy - Sales Smartid
participants in Phuket - Thailand and received Merit from the manufacturer DIS
To provide customers with the perfect solution and optimization of process management and identification products, equipment, property, and even humans, SmartID also provides equipment using technology barcodes as barcode printers, barcode scanners, ...
By combining unique and innovative equipment and machinery available in print identification cards with barcodes and management, plus specialized software packages and effective, given the life systems management solutions to modern and easy using as attendance management, parking management, gym management, sales management, ... gives customers the convenience and efficiency optimal performance, saving time, effort and expense invested in any business activity.
Nearly 07 years of operation in the field of business products and equipment tags, barcodes and received outstanding critical acclaim as well as a certificate of appreciation from the supplier, SmartID prides in our quality reputation products as well as encourage employees to maximize their creative capabilities, to meet the increasing requirements of detection technology and expertise to better serve and satisfy most needs customers.
Smartid - HiTi Smartid Certification - Certification DIS
Certificate of achievement from two manufacturers HiTi & DIS
The successful achievement of SmartID - Nam Son today largely thanks to the contribution of the staff of enthusiastic, dynamic and highly skilled, well-trained technical expertise from famous art world. Besides, the attitude of devoted service, customers wholeheartedly with the members of the group as well as one of the primary factors, the criteria of group operations SmartID in particular and of the Company Nam Son generally on the way the current business development and future.
Smartid - dynamic staff
SmartID - dynamic staff
Smartid - skillful staff
SmartID - intensive training staff 
Some other activities since its inception in 2007 until now:
 Smartid - DIS Smartid Certification - Certification DIS
Join training in Bali, Indonesia in 2007 and Phuket - Thailand 2008
     Smartid - Exhibition Secutech
Attend Exhibition Secutech 2012
Smartid - HR Conference Vietnam HR Day 2012
Attend Workshop HR Vietnam HR Day 2012
Smartid - Attend Training Singapore
Smartid attend technology conferences in Singapore
In response to the trust, concern and support of all customers in all this time and also worthy of achievement in the field of expertise, SmartID will always continue to constantly cultivate, raise high technical and further promote the service, customer care to offer an excellent service to our customers in all areas.

Country: Viet Nam

Investors: Viet Nam


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